Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dilemma of the Drunk

There has so much written about celebrity, drunkenness, and getting sober....I'm finding it seriously interesting. Everyone has an opinion. People arguing about whether AA works, with so many other myriad rehabilitation techniques. Charlie Sheen was quoted as saying, "AA is one size fits all and that may not work for everyone."
Many experts have spoken, medical professionals, mental-health professionals, and investigative journalists who have interviewed and reported their interpretations of what this despicable illness has done to individuals, families, and communities.
No one can dispute their findings or their accuracy.

Everyone has a valid point and yet.........the one area that seems to be never spoken of is why is it so difficult to get and stay sober? I mean what is all the fuss about really? Wouldn't celebrities want to be sober if they could be? Well let me ask you the reader a question:
This is a multiple choice question; either/or
1) would you rather drink and feel emotional struggling, no anxiety, a sense of freedom and abandonment, no feelings of inferiority or inadequacy or would you rather stay sober and feel overwhelming depression, feelings of inadequacies, and anxiety to the point of being completely catatonic and not being able to get off the couch? which would you choose?
Well of -course if there weren't horrific repercussions from drinking you would definitely choose drinking to take away all your cares and woes...everyone would. and most people do..a couple of drinks at night to relax and let the worries of the day fall away. Well supposing you weren't able to do that... supposing you could never ever take the edge off...but had to sit with the frustrations, and injustices of life every single waking moment without a edge taker off-er. Well kids that's what getting sober is all about. So why is there such surprise when people don't choose that?

These celebrities have an inalienable right to drink and die .....and they have the money and power to get enough caretakers around them to keep it going. Let them. It's their life.  They can live their life however they want. Will they eventually lose their looks, their minds,, their friends, their families? Well of-course they will. But that is not our business. Hopefully they will not drive over a 5 year old child and kill him/her.
As my friend Nancy used to say. "Everyone gets sober ...some people do it in life and some people do it in death, but everyone gets sober.

I chose sober.............screaming and thrashing all the way.
Has it been terrific? Sometimes, and  sometimes so emotionally and painfully horrifying that checking out seemed like a better option. What it has been is REAL...terrifyingly real. And after a lot of years...kinda fabulous. At some point the navel gazing ceases and the narcissism disintegrates and "growing up happens."
Oh cool...Growing up. Yup growing up. That's when you realize that you are not overly sensitive but actually just immature. That growing up.

So if you are riding the fence about sober...Go for it. But make sure to grab your ass..cause you are going for a hell of a ride.


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Perfectly written Minnie!

Johnny Wigs said...

Perfectly written Minnie!

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