Sunday, February 15, 2015

This and That

Well I'm back to blogging...ha ha ha. Think I have written a couple of blogs over the years and then rapidly stopped after judging all of them as inadequate..hmmmmmm
But I'm bacccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Here's a couple of tidbits I wanted to share.  First of all my pal Richard Munchkin along with Chuck Rounds and I are working on a podcast series called; Las Vegas Strip Diaries. We will interviewing Las Vegas personalities, and you can listen to the podcasts on Las Vegas Advisor and also CallBacknews. I will keep you posted on the launch.

My pals from LA (with deep roots to the Vegas community) are working on a film called Baked Ziti.
Here is the information:

Baked Ziti is a mob comedy short about a couple of second-rate wiseguys who have to whack their boss' rivals or get whacked themselves. But they're not killers, they're thieves. Desperate for a way out, they learn about a place where anyone who sits with a guy named Louie when he eats baked ziti gets miraculously killed. It's a long shot they have to take. But can they get the rivals, Louie and the ziti together and pull it off to stay alive?

Dominic and Kaenan Oliver are former Vegas residents, and Dom's an alum (who studied with Vegas entertainment veterans Minnie Madden and Jerry Tiffe) of the late Joseph Bernard's acting school. Dom has acquired a long acting resume in L.A. and, together, they are multi-prize-winning screenwriters with their partner Jay Flynn, who've been in development with various Hollywood companies including one at Columbia Pictures. The trio wrote a novel that's available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and sold a script for the Lifetime Network. Late last year, the Olivers wrote Baked Ziti, a hilarious mob comedy that a group of gifted actors and filmmakers encouraged them to make. They've assembled a killer cast, director and crew, all with extensive industry credits. To name a few, the director is Emmy winner Sascha Schneider; Ronnie Marmo, formerly Ronnie Dimestico on General Hospital, plays the lead; the boss is James Marshall of Twin Peaks and A Few Good Men; film and TV legend Carmine Caridi (Godfather II and II, NYPD Blue) plays Louie; also in the cast is Leslie Simms who plays Sister Margaret on the CW's Jane the Virgin; and Dominic playing the part of Rossi, the cop.

Baked Ziti is currently funding on Check out the promo reel and rewards here:

Okay that's it for now.
 Till Next Time

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Dominic said...

Minnie, it's so kind of you to mention me and the campaign to fund BAKED ZITI. And it's great to see you blogging again. Best of luck to you and RW Munchkin for the podcasts. Break a leg.